Seriously Speaking

Seriously Speaking

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Morgan O’Donnell has been a member of Toastmasters International for nearly 15 years, including competing in (and occasionally winning or coming in 2 1/2 place) humorous speech and tall tales contests. She has presented at the Texas Distance Learning Association Conference, Texas Christian University Nonprofit Communicators Conference, D25 Toastmasters Conference, and University of North Texas All for NT/NT for All Student Leader Conference. Morgan has also provided workshops or training for the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center, UNT Kappa Delta sorority, and the Texas Woman’s University Academic Advisors. She has taught college courses, created and coordinated online and in-person orientations, and served as MC for the Friday night D25 Toastmasters Spring Conference. Here are some of her favorite speeches and workshops:

Tall Tales and Humor

  • The Soldier in the Ivory Tower
  • Academics Gone Wild
  • Coyotes and Cujo and Cougars, Oh My!
  • How NOT to Get Accepted into Graduate School
  • The Dean of Oz


  • Professionalism 101 (geared for college seniors)
  • Witches, Wookies, and Blarney: Using Humor to Engage Your Stakeholders
  • Public Speaking 101

For more information and fees, contact Morgan at (at) gmail (dot) com.