I got a new job at LinkedIn!

I got a new job at LinkedIn!

April Fool’s!

I didn’t really get a job with LinkedIn. Even though I have been sending pleading emails and, um, possibly stalking them (slightly) on LinkedIn. Well, actually the joke’s on me right? Because it would’ve been super fantastical if I had landed a job with the big blue IN. What’s the saying…if you can’t join ’em, beat ’em, right? So I decided to create my own social network. That’ll show them!

No, no, that’s not what inspired this post. Let me ask you a question. Honestly, don’t you get tired of seeing all of the so-called amazing achievements everyone has listed on their profiles along with the often outlandish titles? It’s okay, you’re among friends. You can admit it. When I read some of these profiles I wonder how much is true or accurate? Plus, I begin feeling all this pressure to paint my profile with a gilded brush. Crankiness then ensues and the next thing you know I’ve started a rebellion and created my own Franken-version of LinkedIn using some alternative facts, a couple of pieces of tall tales, and the brain of Abby Normal.


Addendum: Many thanks to Lynne Everatt for her witty LinkedIn articles and sharing this. Also thanks to Scott Adams and Daniel Tunkelang for the Data Werewolves inspiration.

The Humor Side(s)

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