The Rune of Reason: A Modern Fairy Tale Mashup

The Rune of Reason: A Modern Fairy Tale Mashup

February 26, 2017

I’ve been working on a fairy tale and have decided to share a draft (Key word here. It is a work in progress.) of the first part with you in honor of National Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Cheerio mate,

Young redheaded Celtic girl







Once upon a time there was a little girl born to a tribe of female warriors. The little girl had a head full of strawberry blonde hair, which was much different than the rest of the tribe. Additionally, when she was born it was said that she did not cry loudly like other babies, but came out quietly, looking at the world with much interest and a questioning look in her eyes.  At first the tribe thought she was a throwback to the long lost ginger tribe, but then as they noticed she had no fear of the sun, they suspected her of being a daywalker.

No, not this kind of Daywalker, silly.

Wesley Snipes as Blade holding a sword
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More like the so-called daywalker from South Park.

Anyhoo, because she was different they named her Morgaine le Fay, believing that she was not truly one of them, but a fairy child. In time, Morgaine grew up to be tall and strong like many of the other women warriors. She went through the training with all of the rest of the young women and excelled at the arts of a warrior, able to ride a horse, shoot a bow and arrow, and wield a sword as well as a light saber. She also became particularly adept at shooting rubber bands. However, Morgaine or Mo, as her limited number of friends called her, preferred a quieter life. She did not enjoy all the drinking (except for tea) and loud talking that her fellow tribeswomen constantly indulged in, but could often be found hanging out with a wizened old woman with crooked legs and a lazy eye named Librariana, who kept the ancient scrolls and books in a dusty, nearly room forgotten in the citadel. There under Librariana’s tuteledge, Mo was introduced to poetry and literature, murder mysteries and science fiction as well as research and data. She also discovered the joys of Space Invaders, Asteroids, and other games on a long lost Atari, which she had discovered tucked away in a darkened corner. It was Librariana who comforted Mo when the other warriors made fun of her for her quiet ways and love of reading.

atari game
Atari game





As time went on the tribe became ever more fierce, talkative, and dependent upon their physical prowess rather than thinking. It was then that one of Morgaine’s contemporaries, a woman of dark repute, grew more and more powerful within the tribe. Nacona, as she was called, was rumored to have an enchanted tongue. When she spoke, even though it was often complete nonsense, her enchanted tongue prevented others from hearing the nonsense, but instead made her appear as if she spoke with great wisdom and insight.

There were a few within the tribe, however, who were resistant to Nacona’s enchanted tongue including Librariana and Mo. At first, Mo simply ignored Nacona’s puerile pronouncements.  However, as the rhetoric became more and more reckless she often could not resist muttering,

Not today satan. Not today.





Librariana, who was much more cautious, warned Mo that it was only a matter of time before Nacona would seek to do her harm. Before long, Nacona’s enchanted tongue had gained her the role of chieftain. Sure enough as Librariana had foreseen, Mo’s muttering and innate resistance to Nacona’s enchanted tongue led to Nacona’s enmity.  Soon Nacona announced that the tribe faced certain danger from their ever-growing enemies. Only the Rune of Reason rumored to be hidden in the library of the Two Towers could save them. With her silver tongue, Nacona wove a tale of about Morgaine’s skills and knowledge. Also, because of her love of reading, her well-known penchant for quietness, and her fey heritage (Nacona was certain that Morgaine was truly the product of fairy fling.)Nacona convinced the tribe that Morgaine was the only one who could possibly find the Rune and bring it back to save the tribe.

With the majority of the tribe under the spell of Nacona’s enchanted tongue, there was little Mo could do, but accept the dangerous mission to journey to the Two Towers to find the Rune of Reason. To be continued!

Stay tuned for the next installment of The Rune of Reason where Mo must traverse the Valley of the Talkers, face Cizina the Assassin, and wrangle the Data Werewolves before she can enter the library of the Two Towers.

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4 Replies to “The Rune of Reason: A Modern Fairy Tale Mashup”

    1. Bethany, I had a sneaking suspicion that you might be interested in that character. In a traditional fairy tale, there would be a happy ending, but in a Mo Solo version it’s hard to tell what might happen!

    1. LOL…I see what you did there. Very witty, my friend. I’m working on the ending, plus revising and/or reworking the first part. Thanks for stopping by!

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