The Twelve Days of Advising by Mo Solo

The Twelve Days of Advising by Mo Solo


Reindeer with sunglasses an attitude

Dedicated to advisors everywhere. Happy Holidays!

On the first day of advising a student gave to me,
A migraine headache for free.


On the second day of advising my email gave to me,
Two legal threats.

On the third day of advising our admin gave to me,
Three tissue boxes.

On the fourth day of advising two students gave to me,
Four parents calling.

On the fifth day of advising my GA gave to me,
Five herbal teas.

glass cup of tea

On the sixth day of advising a lazy prof gave to me,
Six empty grade forms.

On the seventh day of advising the registrar gave to me,
Seven missing transfers.

On the eighth day of advising my mentor dean gave to me,
Eight crazy stories.

On the ninth day of advising an advisor gave to me,
Nine toys for squeezing.

hand with red fingernails squeezing stress ball

On the tenth day of advising the Stats class gave to me,
Ten slips for dropping.

On the eleventh day of advising I myself gave to me,
Eleven dolls for voodoo.

On the twelfth day of advising my chair gave to me,
Twelve shots of Cuervo.

Tequila shot with lime



Mo Solo is an advisor with the Imperial University. She may or may not be related to Han Solo. Ms. Solo enjoys tequila, practicing with her light saber (although not after drinking tequila), and saving (or trying to) the world from sourpusses at She has a monkey (named Monkey) for a sidekick and often collaborates with her colleague, Morgan O’Donnell, on a variety of projects.

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